Adjectives and Its Different Kinds with Examples

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Adjectives are the words which add some information to a noun or pronoun.


Adjectives are the words which modify a noun or pronoun.

Normally, adjectives answer how much, how many, what kind and which.


  1. Alisha is a clever
  2. There is a little work to do.
  3. The lazy boy was punished.
  4. They ate some
  5. You have no

In the above mentioned five examples, (clever, little, lazy, some, no) are adjectives as they are modifying the upcoming words.  In the first example, word clever is modifying the noun (girl). In the second sentence, word little is adding some information in the noun (work). In the third sentence, word (lazy) is adding something to the noun (boy). In the fourth sentence, word (some) is modifying the noun (rice). In the fifth sentence, word (no) is adding to the noun (sense).


Adjectives are divided into their different types on the basis of their use. These different types of adjective are named according to their use in sentences. We going to discuss some prominent kinds of adjective in this article:

  1. Adjectives of quality
  2. Adjective of quantity
  3. Adjectives of Number (Numeral Adjectives)
  4. Demonstrative Adjectives
  5. Distributive Adjectives
  6. Interrogative Adjectives
  7. Exclamatory Adjectives



  1. Adjectives of quality:

These adjectives express the quality or kind of a person or thing.


  1. Karachi is a large
  2. A greedy dog stole a piece of meat.
  3. The thirsty crow found water in a garden.
  4. Sana is taller than Aaliya.
  5. My father is an honest


  1. Adjective of quantity:

These adjectives show how much of a thing is meant.


  1. He has lost all his wealth.
  2. You have no
  3. Afzal has a little
  4. Guests ate some
  5. He has much



  1. Adjectives of Number (Numeral Adjectives):

These adjectives show how many persons or things are meant.


  1. You have some
  2. Few birds fly high.
  3. All students have passes the exams.
  4. There are seven days in a week.
  5. March is the third month of the year.

Adjectives of number may further be divided into two types.

Definite numeral adjectives and indefinite numeral adjective.

  1. Definite numeral adjectives:

These numeral adjectives denote an exact number.


One, two, three, four, etc.    These are known as Cardinals.

First, second, third, last, etc.                These are known as Ordinals.


  1. Indefinite numeral adjective:

       These numeral adjectives do not denote an exact number.


Many, all, no, some, any, few etc.



  1. Demonstrative Adjectives:

These adjectives point out which person or thing is meant.


  1. This book is mine.
  2. That boy is not rich.
  3. These grapes are sour.
  4. Those students should not be punished.
  5. I appreciate such

This and that are used with singular nouns whereas these and those are used with plural nouns.



  1. Distributive Adjectives:

These adjectives refer to each one of a number of persons or things.


  1. Each student will take his turn.
  2. Everyone is answerable before Allah.
  3. Neither of the horse is mine.
  4. Either you or she is responsible for this chaos.
  5. None of the books is worth reading.




  1. Interrogative Adjectives:

Which, whose and what are called interrogative adjectives when they are used with nouns to ask questions.


  1. Which way would you choose?
  2. Whose pen is this?
  3. What manner of man are you?




  1. Exclamatory Adjectives:

Sometimes, word what is used as an exclamatory adjective.


  1. What an idea!
  2. What genius!
  3. What a shot!
  4. What a gesture!
  5. What folly!



The above mentioned types of adjectives are the important types of adjectives which are worth reading. Students should learn to distinguish among all these by reading deeply in order to become able to attempt all questions regarding adjectives in their papers.

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