Important tips to deliver a good Presentation


There are some important tips/ strategies which will be helpful to make a presentation not only                                                                     “Good” but “Superb

If you are interested to improve, there are some important ideas for you either you are experienced or just starting to give presentation.

  1. Show your passion and engage audience

The most important thing in a presentation is to get positive response from the audience. It can only be possible if you engage your audience through your passion. Your passion is the first thing which will enable you to be listened.

The best presenters of the world believe that, the more you will be enthusiastic and passionate, the more your audience will be engaged in your presentation.

  1. Focus on the needs and requirements of the audience

A good presentation revolves around the pivot of needs and requirements of the audience. In order to deliver a good presentation, you should keep in mind what are the needs and basic questions of the audience regarding a specific topic.

Sometimes, reaction of the audience while attending a presentation intimates a presenter what are their needs and which area of that specific topic needs to be talked upon. Therefore, you should be vigilant regarding response of the audience by knowing their basic needs.

  1. Take a strong Start

You should start your presentation with a question, a joke, an attention grabbing image or a proverb relating to your topic.

Beginning of presentation is very crucial. So don’t waste your time in explaining who you are, rather you should elaborate what do you intend to convey. Start your presentation with some entertainment.  This will be helpful in making your audience attentive and they will learn in a more efficiently making your presentation more effective.

  1. Keep your Presentation Easy and Simple

If you want your presentation to be easily understandable and effective, you should try to abstain from jargons, difficult words and lengthy sentences.

Use of jargons and idioms will make you become a good speaker but not necessarily a good presenter.

Use simple and easy language that can be easily understood by the audience in order to deliver a presentation which may be categorized as superb presentation.  

  1. Remember 10-20-30 Rule using Slideshows

Guy Kawasaki of Apple suggests that slideshows should:

Contain no more than 10 slides;

Last no more than 20 minutes; and

Use a font size of no less than 30.

First point preserves audience to get bored because of being lengthy.

Second points describes that presentation should not be so long as to remain unattended.

Third point is the most important in the sense that is refrains from putting too much data on a single page.

  1. Narrate Stories

You should narrate stories regarding your presentation if you want your audience to get more engaged.

But one thing should be kept in mind that you should tell the same story through presentation which you narrate at the beginning of the presentation in order to entertain your audience.

Remember the fact that “Human beings are more attracted towards stories.”

  1. Make use of Body Language confidently

Almost three-forth of our communication is non-verbal.

It means your body language is more important than that of mere our words.

Words accompanied by gestures and postures make a presentation easily comprehendible for the audience. 

But your body language and gestures should comply with the words that you are uttering to make your audience understand the presentation.

  1. Effectively use Your Voice

Clarity of voice and pitch are the most important factors in order to deliver a presentation.

Pitch of your voice should neither be so high that it becomes irritating nor it should be so low that it can’t be heard.

Pitch of your voice controls the attention of the audience. Therefore it should be in accordance with the strength of the audience.

  1. Stick to your Core Message

Do not beat about the bush while delivering a presentation. You should stick to your message and shouldn’t go beyond the needs or requirements of the audience regarding that specific topic.

People do not have much time to listen unnecessary or less important information. Therefore in order to make your presentation effective it is necessary to remain at topic rather than going beyond it.

  1. Enjoy your Presentation

If you are not enjoying yourself by your presentation, how can you expect from audience to enjoy your presentation.

If you are enjoying your presentation, this is the first step in the attempt to deliver an effective presentation.

You should be so prepared to make yourself and audience enjoy and learn from your presentation.

The tips mentioned above contribute to grab the attention of the audience and make a presentation effective and desired results can be achieved by acting upon the above mentioned tips.

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